3 Reasons Why Russell Westbrook Shouldn’t Be MVP

Russell Westbrook has been a monster this season, averaging a triple-double, which is something that hasn’t been done since Oscar Robertson did it in 1962. What Westbrook is accomplishing stat-wise is truly amazing, but is it deserving of an MVP award? Despite Westbrook’s ability to put up enormous stats on a nightly basis, he shouldn’t win MVP.

3. True Shooting Percentage Is Awful

Oklahoma City Thunder v Washington Wizards

Among all point guards, Westbrook is ranked 24th in true shooting percentage, which is a measure of shooting efficiency that takes into account two-point field goals, three-point field goals, and free throws. Sadly, he ranks behind the likes of Jameer Nelson, Jerian Grant, Patrick McCaw, Spencer Dinwiddie, Austin Rivers, and Shaun Livingston. Simply put, Westbrook is having an inefficient year, which is getting overlooked because he is averaging a triple-double.

2. Win Shares Aren’t Impressive

Oklahoma City Thunder v Phoenix Suns

The MVP award is given to players that help their team win games, usually given to those who are able to carry their team to a top-three record. Westbrook’s team is nowhere near being elite despite his monstrous play. In fact, Westbrook is ranked eighth in win shares, below Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, Kevin Durant and LeBron James. You can break it down however you want — win shares, offensive win shares, defensive win shares, or win shares per 48 — Westbrook doesn’t rank top five in any of them.

1. Stats Don’t Win MVP Award

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors

Westbrook’s stats are glorifying, but they’ve blinded many people. Feeding off what was said above, just because he is able to average a triple-double doesn’t mean he should automatically win MVP. A true MVP helps his team win games and makes impactful plays on both ends of the floor. Sure, Westbrook doesn’t have much talent surrounding him, but sometimes he hurts his team by doing too much. Besides, in 1962 when Oscar Robertson was averaging a triple-double, he didn’t win MVP either. Bill Russell did.

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