BREAKING: MLB Releases Special Holiday Uniforms for 2017

Major League Baseball has done a great job over the years of recognizing major holidays that take place during the course of the regular season, including Mother’s and Father’s Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

Well, they’ve unveiled this year’s new line of uniforms for these special holidays, and they’ve taken things to a whole new level.

The biggest development with these uniforms are the fact players are wearing them for more than one day. Instead of wearing them just on the specific day of the holiday, they will be wearing these unis for entire weekends, occasionally stretching into new series that begin Monday.

For instance: the Mother’s and Father’s day uniforms will be worn for two games, Memorial Day uniforms will be donned for three games, and the Fourth of July uniforms will worn four times, since the holiday falls on a Tuesday.

The July patriotic duds are truly something special.

They’ve made some noticeable adjustments this year, too, like giving each uniform specially-designed socks for each of the holidays, emphasizing the sport’s relationship with Stance, while also placing less camo on the Memorial Day gear.

In the end, they’ve done a fantastic job them. No wonder they want the players to wear this swag for more than one game.

Finally, Major League Baseball has nailed it.

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