Aaron Rodgers Hilariously Calls Out Teammate With Amazing Tweet

Is it me, or has Aaron Rodgers become a bit of a comedian on Twitter as of late.

The star Packers QB has offered up some gold tweets of late and Saturday was no different. Rodgers and the parody account of Happy Gilmore’s “Shooter McGavin” have had some pretty epic back and forth convos.

Earlier today, McGavin asked Rodgers who he thought would be the fattest player at NFL camps this season. Rodgers, of course, offered up two great guesses.

This is hilarious.

Rodgers went with former teammate Greg Van Roten, now with the Jags, and his backup QB Brett Hundley. The Hundley guess makes this all the more hilarious.

Van Roten checks in at 310 pounds, while Hundley is a pretty cut 226 pounds. My guess here would be that Hundley doesn’t gain 100 pounds this offseason, but hey, maybe Aaron knows something we don’t?

What we do know is that the Packers are itching to get back on the field, with a trip to the Super Bowl next season definitely being the goal.


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