Hanley Ramirez Created a Funny New Eye Black Look

​I guess this wasn’t just an Easter look.

Boston Red Sox designated hitter Hanley Ramirez painted what everyone thought were bunny whiskers yesterday for Easter, but he came back to the field with the same look on Monday.

Is he a bunny or is he a cat? Only Hanley can answer that.

Eye black doesn’t really help a player, so if it’s something you wanna do, I guess you should have fun with it. Maybe the Braveheart look Bryce Harper is known to rock is too much for Ramirez, so he brought out his lighter side in the form of a cat.

This might last for a while because Ramirez ended Monday’s game against the Tampa Bay 1-for-3 with an RBI. And before he left Sunday’s game with a hamstring cramp, Hanley was 2-for-3.

If it works, who cares how silly it is.


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