Carson Wentz Makes Big Changes to Mechanics Ahead of Second Year

​Even in the NFL, players always have room for improvement, especially after their first season. During the season, there’s usually too little time to really hone in on mechanics, which is why many players wait until the offseason or preseason to dedicate time to bettering their technique.

That’s exactly what Eagles QB Carson Wentz set out to do in February:

While the rookie had a decent first season overall, earning a QB rating of 79.3 percent, he was shaky during the middle of the season, only able to put up a rating of 70.1 percent over a 2-6 span. This triggered his move to see mechanics specialist Adam Dedeaux.

Wentz himself told reporters that the change to his footwork will not be too noticeable, and is only meant to make his play smoother and more efficient. However, this small change in technique could easily lead to big changes in performance.

As this Twitter user pointed out, if quarterbacks really do improve the most between their first and second seasons, this extra work will bode incredibly well for Carson and the Eagles:

Over the course of training camps and the preseason, we’ll be sure to see how the changed footwork benefits Wentz.

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