Patriots Attack New York Times on Twitter to Defend Donald Trump

​Has there been a more polarizing president in American history than Donald Trump?

A legitimate debate can be had for both sides, but what isn’t up for debate is the reality that the nation’s 45th president has rubbed countless Americans the wrong way. And yes, that includes football players.

While a trip to the White House for champion sports teams has become tradition in American athletics, it really speaks volumes when not just a few, but a significant portion of people choose to break tradition.

That is what has happened with this year’s New England Patriots.

According to the Patriots, though, this graphic is misleading. We’ll let them tell you.

The New York Times! The Patriots quote-tweeting the literal failing New York Times.

What are we even doing here?

Still seems like there was a real story to be told, with all due respect, Patriots. After all, some of your players went out of their way to ​tell it.

16 fewer players showed up in 2017 than in 2015. Whether 16 is or isn’t a big number to you, that equates to roughly one-third of the Patriots’ active roster.

The Pats weren’t done trying to justify things, though.

Why are you clapping back at the Times, Spicer-style? Why would you CARE so much?!

Guess we’ll never know.

A message has undoubtedly been sent here, and no amount of alternative facts can change the narrative.

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