Marshawn Lynch Will Wear NFL Legend’s Number in Oakland

The Silver and Black is back, and looking tougher than ever.

In case you’ve been living under several rocks this whole time and haven’t heard the news, ​former Seahawk Marshawn Lynch has been traded to the Raiders. Lynch is set to officially unretire and suit up for his hometown of Oakland on a Raider team that hasn’t had this much promise since Rich Gannon was still slinging it.

Now that Lynch is making his return to the NFL, all the talk of “What if” can cease and we can start talking about what is.

Future Hall of Famer Chris Woodson has seemingly made the first gesture to welcome Lynch into the fold of the Silver and Black.

Woodson wore the No.24 in Oakland for 11 seasons and earned five Pro Bowl selections over that time. When the time is right, Woodson’s 24 may very well be retired by the Raiders one day, but until that time comes, another beast gets to terrorize the league with that on his back for at least a couple more seasons.

It’s been a while since Raider fans have been able to look forward to a season of football. As if winning 12 games a season ago wasn’t enough to be hyped about, now they have Beast Mode.

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like the Raiders have finally turned the corner. Let’s just hope now that this high lasts.

Raider fans have waited far too long to see a day like this.

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