NBA Admits They Screwed the Celtics Out of Extra Time for Final Shot in Loss to Wizards

​How does this keep happening in professional sports?

Time and time and time again, we watch as officials in professional sports royally screw things up. Well, it happened again at a CRITICAL time in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals between the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards.

The Wiz were down two with only 7.7 seconds left on the clock when ​John Wall buried a deep three in what was arguably the most clutch moment of the NBA playoffs this year.

There were still 3.5 seconds left, the C’s inbounded the ball where Kelly Olynyk was fouled by Kelly Oubre, leaving Boston with just 1.7 seconds left… Except, it should have been 2.7 seconds.

Oops! I guess the green team actually had almost double the time left on the clock. Oh well, not reviewable. Sorry not sorry, i guess, amirite NBA?

This is straight blasphemy.

The NBA implemented last two minute reports two years ago to give us more transparency since there have been so many officiating issues in the past. That’s all good an fun having something to complain about until we get into the postseason where everything is riding on every whistle or lack there of.

This is not to say that the C’s would have magically hit a bucket to end the series, but a full second with the entire series on the line and it wasn’t even reviewable, because he who is master of the shot shall not be questioned?

Wall’s crazy game-winner was a dagger in the C’s heart, but being robbed of a fair opportunity to win the game back is just wrong.

Something needs to actually come of these two minute reports, but no matter what changes are made, that won’t right how Boston was wronged.


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