LOOK: Steph Curry’s tattoo party is a family affair in celebration of Warriors’ NBA title

Stephen Curry and his family chose a unique way to celebrate the Warriors‘ most recent NBA title victory. Curry reportedly invited a tattoo artist into his home on Tuesday night to do artwork on himself, his father, his brother and his wife. Warriors teammate Andre Iguodala also reportedly got a tattoo.

Steph reportedly got Hebrew letters on his left wrist, the meaning of which is not known.


His father, Dell, got the word “BoYaNek” on his right forearm.

Steph’s brother Seth, currently a guard for the Dallas Mavericks, got a tattoo on his right wrist.

It’s not the first tattoo for Steph Curry, who has a Bible verse written in Hebrew on his right wrist. But this new one will forever be associated with his second NBA title.


Source: http://www.cbssports.com

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